The Best Student Loans 2021

Published on 10/20/2021

Whether your college plan involves going to campus or logging in to study online, one thing’s for sure – you need a way to pay. While federal student loans are often the most affordable way to obtain loans, they may not be enough to cover all your college tuition costs. Private student loans and grants, and work-study programs can bridge the gap between your needs and the tuition fees you can afford.

The Best Student Loans

The Best Student Loans


College Ave

College Ave student loans provide fixed and variable rate loans, as well as options to refinance student loans to student borrowers and parents. To obtain a College Ave private student loan, you do not need to register part-time with a degree-granting institution. However, the lender requires that all applicants have a valid US Social Security number, including international students, and they must also apply together with a qualified sponsor.

Payment Methods And Fees

During the school term, College Ave offers borrowers a variety of payment options, including interest-only, full principal and interest payments, and a fixed payment of $ 25 per month.

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae loans apply to parent borrowers, as well as graduate students, college students, and non-degree trade schools. Sally Mae is also one of the few lenders that offer student loan options for part-time students. If you are attending a non-degree school, the Sallie Mae Professional Training Student Loan will provide competitive fixed or variable rate loans with no down payment or prepayment penalty. The annual interest rate for fixed-rate loans ranges from 6.62% to 13.83% and for variable rate loans between 4.12% and 11.52%. Additionally, Sallie Mae offers a “multi-year benefit” for returning students by allowing recipients to continue to borrow from year to year if they are eligible for the loan and income. Note that the chances of using co-signers for approval are much higher.

Payment Methods And Fees

As a Sallie Mae borrower, you can pay interest only, a fixed monthly payment option, or defer payment while you study. You can also get a 0.25% interest rate discount via automatic transfer and you can sign up for a tiered repayment period for any loan.


Credible is a free online marketplace where you can compare the interest rates and terms of several private student loan providers at once. The platform has prequalification tools that can provide potential borrowers with personalized interest rates. When you request an individual interest rate from Credible, the platform will fulfill the soft loan request and provide you with a list of student loan offers within your budget. This request does not affect your credit score. The platform works with private student loan institutions such as Ascent, Citizens Bank, Discover, College Ave, EDvestinU, INvestEd, MEFA, and Sallie Mae.


When you apply for a student loan, SoFi considers your professional history, your cash flow, and your financial responsibility history. To be eligible, you must also be registered with at least one accredited institution that grants a four-year degree. As a SoFi member, you’ll benefit from partner benefits including professional personal finance foundation courses on Coursera, three months of Grammarly Premium access, and six months of Best of Evernote. These benefits do not apply to Ohio residents.




Ascent is one of the few private lenders that offer a loan program that determines eligibility based on factors such as academic performance (GPA), school, course, and major. It is also one of the few lending institutions that specifically promotes unsecured student loan options for DACA students and international students and offers personal loans to financial aid staff.An Ascent performance-based loan not related to other terms is suitable for undergraduate juniors or seniors who are not co-signed and do not meet minimum credit requirements. This loan is for aspiring graduates seeking to enter the job market and have a minimum GPA of 2.9.