Remodelling Jobs You Can Do In A Rental House Which Won’t Get You In Trouble With Your Landlord

Published on 06/28/2020

Renting a home can be a very restrictive experience, we know. Sometimes you will walk past cracked flooring, or peeling wallpaper, and wonder if your landlord would allow you to do some remodeling, or not.
You will be happy to know that your lease is a lot more flexible than you may have previously imagined and that your landlord may be more accommodating to your remodeling plans than they let on. Of course, you will need to run any small-scale construction past your landlord and will need their written approval.

Remodeling Jobs You Can Do In A Rental House Which Wont Get You In Trouble With Your Landlord

Remodeling Jobs You Can Do In A Rental House Which Wont Get You In Trouble With Your Landlord

A New Coat of Paint

A lackluster paint job can make your rental experience an absolute nightmare. Having to live with a garish coat of yellow paint is enough to make anyone move out. Thankfully, tins of paint are not too expensive, and the actual job can be done in a day if you dedicate yourself to it fully.

Replacing Light Fixtures

You probably weren’t that surprised when you found that your rental’s light fixtures were rather shabby. On the bright side, cheap fixtures are usually quite easily removed with a screwdriver! Just make sure to put them somewhere when they are safe when you take them out, as your landlord may want them stuck back on following your departure, even if what you replaced them with was much nicer.

Replacing Light Fixtures

Replacing Light Fixtures

Revamping The Flooring

Flooring is sadly one of the most neglected features of a rental home, and convincing landlords to fix a grubby flooring up often falls on deaf ears. Thankfully, this is another quick and affordable area which can be easily repaired or rather concealed.
Rugs are a real friend when it comes to hiding any unsightly flooring and can be cheaply sourced. If your problem is more widespread, and the whole floor is just a disaster, removable flooring is another feasible option.
There are plenty of cheap removable flooring options available, such as bamboo flooring and the classic carpet squares.

Grubby Kitchen Cabinets

The last thing that you want is to have your otherwise attractive kitchen being sullied by ugly kitchen cabinet doors. These can also be removed with a screwdriver in most cases, and once more stored safely to be reinstalled when you decide to pack your bags.
Try lining the back of your now exposed cabinet walls with some pretty material to bring a modern flair to your kitchen.

Expanding Your Storage Space

It seems like so many landlords fail to consider just how much stuff their tenants possess, providing minimal storage space. If you have one hundred dollars spare, why not put it toward purchasing a few wooden storage units to put your lovely possessions in?

Bathroom Business

Is your showerhead spraying water in all directions? Most people can put up with the previously mentioned shortcomings in a rental, but no one should have to suffer through a faulty shower experience. Pop the broken showerhead off and replace it with a brand new cheap one!